About Dr. Sandy Bigelow

Dr. Sandy Bigelow is a research and development professional with more than 30 years of experience in leading global technology responsibilities in the food and nutrition industries.

He has a proven track record of envisioning, designing, and implementing strategies to meet and exceed global research and development, regulatory, and marketing challenges. He is successful in defining mutual objectives, building consensus, and developing strategies to create new product opportunities.

Sandy is a Board Certified Toxicologist with proven ability to craft product opportunities based on the safety and efficacy of novel proprietary, bioactive ingredients.

Sandy Bigelow is Principal, Vanguard Global Associates LLC, a firm that provides consulting services in the areas of innovation environments and strategies, product development, issues management, safety and regulatory affairs to the food and nutritional, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Sandy has previously worked for large companies including Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, and Pfizer, as well as for direct sales firms such as Neways International and some small and early-stage companies.

Sandy has extensive experience from both industry and government sectors regarding national and global food and nutritional issues, including new product development, claims substantiation, bioactive and product safety, clinical affairs, and building and optimizing R&D goals and processes.  He has been active in International Life Sciences Institute, International Food Information Council, Institute of Food Technologists, Society of Toxicology, Council for Responsible Nutrition, and Codex Alimentarius Commission activities for more than 15 years.