Consulting services

Vanguard Global Associates LLC Empower Their Clients

Vanguard Global Associates LLC (VGA) is a network of consultants experienced in consumer product development, safety evaluation, claims support, and national and international regulatory compliance for the food, supplement, personal care, and device industries.  Dr. Sandy Bigelow serves as the principal for providing consulting services for clients.  Areas of specialized services include product development, active ingredient qualification, safety of products and ingredients, regulatory compliance, litigation support, and scientific and marketing support of marketing claims.

VGA Service Offerings

For decades, VGA has been helping our clients make get their products on the market faster saving them time and money–and helping their clients keep their products on the market, avoiding pitfalls and dead ends during product development and commercialization.  We have served small start-up clients and large multi-national corporations by providing insights and our experience to offer options that focus work towards commercialization of healthier foods, nutritionals, and medical devices.

Bottom line: experienced consultants increase return on investment, reduce regulatory uncertainty, and cut costs by getting your product to market faster.

These are some of the major projects completed on our clients’ behalf:

  • Evaluated the safety of novel ingredients for use in foods and supplements.
  • Reviewed the safety of cosmetic ingredients.
  • Prepared medical foods dossiers to support their use in patients for numerous indications.
  • Developed predicted safety profiles for flavor and fragrance ingredients.
  • Prepared GRAS self-determinations for the use of over 50 substances in food and dietary supplements commercialized in the U.S. market.
  • Developed decision trees for safety testing of  novel ingredients to support their use in personal care, fabric care, and wastewater treatment.
  • Provided product development and marketing support for clinically-tested weight loss products for direct sales company.
  • Substantiated the labeling claims for food and supplement products based on clinical evidence.
  • Developed claims dossiers that support product claims intended for product commercialization and adverstising.
  • Assured regulatory compliance for food products exported to more than 80 countries worldwide.
  • Provided regulatory support for supplement GMP compliance.
  • Assisted defense attorneys in litigation involving the safety and regulatory disposition of a series of dietary supplement products.
  • Assisted attorneys in determining blood levels associated with impairment in an individual who smoked cannabis.

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